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Night sky and landscape photographer in Seattle, Washington
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Custom Prints

Thank you so much for your interest in a print!

I offer two ways to order prints: a curated selection of my favorite images that are ready to purchase, and prints custom-made to suit your needs.

My goal is to provide an extremely high-quality print product that you'll be proud to hang in your home. To achieve this, I work with a hand-picked selection of printers and materials to ensure the outcome meets my high standards. All of my prints are made-to-order and signed by me, and I ship worldwide to your door. I offer prints in a variety of sizes and formats, and for a variety of budgets.

All of my prints (curated or custom) are limited editions of 25, in any size and format, unless otherwise specified. What this means is that there will only ever be 25 prints of that particular piece, and once they're gone, they're gone! This helps to protect your investment in the print over time. 

Most of the images you see on my web site and shared on my social media accounts can be ordered as a print. If you can't find what you are looking for, or are looking for something that fits a given theme, or just want help with print selection, please contact me!

Types of Prints

Everyone has different size and mounting requirements, as well as different budgets. I've tried to come up with a variety of print and mounting options to suit everyone, which you can read about below. When you order a print from me, it's made especially for you to your specifications. Because I don't keep inventory, I'm able to keep my prices low so that everyone can afford to enjoy a print. I think you'll find that my prints offer an incredible value - they are a high quality product made to my high standards, at a reasonable price!

Traditional Prints

Printed on high quality photo paper, and available in a wide variety of sizes to suit nearly any purpose. I offer a range of sizes, ranging from small prints around 12x18, up to prints that can fill any size wall!

Most of my prints are done in a beautiful lustre paper that offers deep color saturation without the glare of a glossy print. For most people, lustre is the right choice as you won't need to worry too much about lighting considerations when you hang it in your home. If you prefer a glossy or matte print, however, I can do that for most prints.

All prints are shipped unframed. Prints are shipped in protective packaging, ready for you to frame at the framer of your choice. As a general guideline, framing will typically cost between 1-3 times the cost of the print, but varies considerably depending on your choice of frame, mat, glass, and so forth. Or, for a more economical option, you can often frame the print yourself. Check with a local craft or art supply store for options.

It's important to me that your print exceeds your expectations. Because of this, if you order a print, it's best if you are able to share your framing choices with me before you order. This enables me to ensure the print has the exact dimensions needed for the frame and mount you choose.

Metal Prints

The aluminum mount is a stunning way to display photos in your home, and my favorite mount. The look is very sleek and modern, but it will look good in nearly any home. My premium aluminum mounts float about 1/2" to 3/4" off the wall, creating a shadow on the wall that accentuates the look. If you are looking for a piece that makes a statement, the aluminum mount may be for you.

I've spent a considerable amount of time evaluating aluminum mounts, and offer what I believe to be the best mount on the market. I've used both thick and thin aluminum mounts, and believe that the thin mount product I offer is superior for several reasons. First, the image quality is top-notch and incredibly lifelike. Second, although the mounts are thin and lightweight, they are incredibly sturdy and durable. The entire print can actually go through the dishwasher! Third, because the prints are lightweight, hanging them is a snap, and can be done by nearly anyone. All of my aluminum prints also come with rounded corners - I don't offer square corners on my metal prints as they are incredibly sharp and can be hazardous.

Aluminum mounts are a good overall choice for nearly any location you may wish to mount the image. I typically have aluminum printed prints done in high-gloss for a "wow!" factor that will command attention in any room! High-gloss can reflect lights depending on where it is mounted, so I also offer a matte option that doesn't quite have as much pop, but is still beautiful and suitable for all locations. Contact me ahead of ordering if you'd like to learn more about these options.

Although initially more expensive than a traditional print, aluminum prints do not need to be framed, so you can actually save money with aluminum compared to a print + framing!

Other Formats

Although metal and traditional prints are by far the most popular options, I also offer several other formats:

  • Acrylic Prints. The acrylic mount is a premium mount that adds a "wow" factor to the image. These pieces are similar to metal prints, but with a very distinct and almost 3D look. They are also quite a bit heavier than metal. The print is mounted behind a crystal-clear piece of acrylic, giving the image vibrance and depth. Like the aluminum mount, this mount floats about 1/2" to 3/4" off the wall, so you get a beautiful accentuating shadow. This is a piece that's fit for a gallery!

  • Canvas. Canvas is a popular mount in which the image is printed directly on a piece of canvas that is then mounted around a frame. Although not every image is suitable for canvas, I can help suggest images that would work well with canvas if this is what you're after.

  • Other Formats. If you have something specific in mind, contact me and let's discuss!


To get started with a custom print, or just learn more, click the button above, or click here. I'll be happy to help. Also, please know there's no commitment or pressure - it irritates me greatly when people do this to me, and I'm much more interested in helping you make the right decision for you.