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Custom Prints

Thank you so much for your interest in a custom print! Custom prints are truly one-of-a-kind, and can be made of nearly any image and to any specification. This page will hopefully answer all of your questions about custom prints, but if not, let’s talk.

Print Choices

I can make prints of nearly anything you see on my web site. Browsing my portfolio or stock section is a great place to start - in particular, the stock archive is searchable by keyword so you can easily find what you are looking for. Once you’ve found a print you like, save the URL so it’s easy for me to see what you’re after.

Of course, if you can’t find what you are looking for, or just want help choosing, let me know and I can help!


Custom print pricing can vary depending on what you are after. However, the table below shows my standard print pricing for a variety of papers and sizes and is a good guideline:

  • Traditional prints

    • 8x12: $39

    • 12x18: $79

    • 16x24: $149

    • 24x36: $279

  • Metal prints

    • 16x24: $649

    • 24x36: $1199

Note that some images print at different sizes (a panorama, for instance), so contact me for exact pricing for your project.

Other Formats

You might have something specific in mind that involves a different size or format. That’s great! Some things to consider are:

  • Fine art papers. I can print on a variety of fine art papers that can really set a piece apart. I usually use Moab papers as I love the look. Different papers are appropriate for different images, and have different costs, so if this is of interest to you, let’s chat. It’s often an inexpensive upgrade that makes a big impact!

  • Acrylic. The acrylic mount is a premium mount that adds a "wow" factor to the image. These pieces are similar to metal prints, but with a very distinct and almost 3D look. They are also quite a bit heavier than metal. The print is mounted behind a crystal-clear piece of acrylic, giving the image vibrance and depth. Like the aluminum mount, this mount floats about 1/2" to 3/4" off the wall, so you get a beautiful accentuating shadow. This is a piece that's fit for a gallery!

  • Canvas. Canvas is a popular mount in which the image is printed directly on a piece of canvas that is then mounted around a frame. Although not every image is suitable for canvas, I can help suggest images that would work well with canvas if this is what you're after.


Here’s what you can expect if you order a custom print:

  1. You fill out the form to tell me about your project.

  2. I review the form and we connect via email to discuss options and confirm details.

  3. When we’ve agreed on everything, you make payment and I begin the process of producing the print.

  4. The print is sent from the printer to me first. I inspect it for quality, and if it meets my quality standards, I sign it.

  5. I carefully re-pack your signed print and ship it onwards to you. You’ll get a tracking number.

  6. You receive the print and it can go on your wall!

This process can take anywhere from a week or two to longer depending on the project. If you have a specific timeline, please let me know - I can usually accommodate.

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