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Portraits in High Places

I just returned from another trip to the Great White North, specifically Banff. My family and I love visiting Banff and never really need much of an excuse to go. This year though, we managed to align our schedule with my attendance at Dave Brosha and Paul Zizka's Portraits in High Places workshop, which was all about environmental portraiture!

Regular readers of my blog and my social media pages may have noted that my photos are featuring more and more people in them these days. Usually, it's just me, but occasionally others appear too. This workshop was a great opportunity to further build in this direction. While there, I took the opportunity to work on a variety of different portrait styles with some amazing models. I also took a couple of landscape images, but my focus was really on portraits. It was a fantastic time!

Below are a few of my favorites from the workshop and the rest of my time in Banff. A big thanks goes out to Dave, Paul, and all of the amazingly talented models I had the opportunity to work with. Thanks everyone!

Jack Nichols