Jack Nichols Photography
Night sky and landscape photographer in Seattle, Washington

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? Cool, I've got answers. :)

Who are you?

I'm a guy from Seattle that likes to take pictures of interesting things. I have a wife and two kids, all of whom sometimes make it into my pictures. I also like to travel. You can read all about me here!

How do I find you on social media?

It's easy!

What camera gear do you use?

I use a bunch of different equipment, but my primary camera of choice is a Canon 6d. I chose this camera for its low-light capabilities, size, and general all-around performance. I've got a gear list if you're interested in that sort of thing too.

Can you teach me how to take night sky pictures?

Sure can! I have an eBook called The Complete Guide to Milky Way Photography that teaches everything you need to know to take a great Milky Way photo, from start to finish. It's 300+ pages and includes a bunch of examples that you can follow along with to learn!

If you want more personalized help, I also offer one-on-one instruction for a variety of night sky photography topics. I do both in person and remote (Skype, etc) sessions depending on the topic.

Finally, I have a couple of free articles available about getting started with night sky photography and post-processing a single-shot Milky Way photo.

Can you tell me where this photo was taken?

You might notice that many of my photos have a relatively general location description. I try to avoid sharing specific location information for most photos, for several reasons. The biggest is that many locations I visit are sensitive, and although beautiful, can't handle a bunch of extra foot traffic. This is a real problem - so much so that the Leave No Trace folks have issued new guidance around location sharing as many beautiful places are being destroyed from overuse. Besides all that, there's some fun in a bit of mystery I think, so enjoy the photos without worrying too much about where I was standing when I took them!

I'm a model. Can I appear in your photos?

Definitely. I'm happy to do TFP work with like-minded models. Most of my work is not traditional portraiture, but I think that brings something interesting and unique to a collaboration. Let's chat!

I'm a fellow photographer. Can we go shoot?

Schedule permitting, I'm always willing to shoot with other like-minded creative types! I have a busy schedule but don't hesitate to ask to see what I'm up to. Please note that I don't do instruction outside of my one-on-one instruction sessions - when we shoot together, I like to get as much shooting in as you, whereas when I teach my focus is entirely on you and I don't shoot except to demo something for you.

Do you need an assistant?

I'm always looking for assistance on shoots. If you like long car rides, long walks in the dark, being cold and uncomfortable, and heavy backpacks, let's chat.

Do you sell prints?

Yep! Nearly anything you see on my web site is available at a print. My prints are offered at reasonable prices, shipped to your door. All prints come signed, and all prints come unframed, ready for you to frame yourself or take to a framer to custom frame. Learn more about custom prints.

Are your prints limited or open editions?

Unless otherwise noted, all prints are limited editions of 25. A limited edition means that only 25 prints of that image - in any size and format - will ever be made. Once a print is sold out, I will no longer make additional prints of that image. This helps protect your investment over time.

Do you do prints on metal? Acrylic?

Yes, and they look incredible! Metal prints are my favorite and offer a clean, modern look. As an added bonus, no framing is required as the prints themselves stand off of the wall about 1/4".

If you are interested in a metal or acrylic print, please get in touch to discuss options and pricing, or learn more about custom prints I offer.

I live in Seattle, can I pick up a print instead of having it shipped?

It depends. Send me a note to ask about this before you order.